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Kroger Health & Wellness Services

To lead a better lifestyle demands the proper combination of food intake and health care. To handle this, you must be aware of the best recipes to have, proper meal planning, and clinical treatments.

List of Health & Wellness Services on The Kroger & Co.

Well, health services from Kroger support everyone help you save your time, and make you get care under one roof.

  • Pharmacy: It supports everyone who works for most of the time when it comes to caring for their health as per their condition.
  • Health Solutions: You will get an opportunity to explore many products and recipes that support your health at an affordable cost.
  • Covid Vaccine: If you are looking for a second dose of vaccination, then it is available for all including the 65+ age category.
  • Kroger Health Saving Club: One can unlock a vast collection of drugs for all at an affordable price.

Schedule an Appointment:

When it comes to scheduling an appointment, you must be aware of the type of appointment and make sure to choose from the list provided. 

After that, you should select a location and fix your appointment by choosing a date you want to consult.

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My Health Portal

To access prescriptions, bill payments online, and other health-related services under a single roof, you can create an account. With my health portal, you can make use of the below services without any hassles.

Health Care Services

If you are looking for a personalized health experience, then you can easily make it from Kroger healthcare services.

  • Vaccines: Whenever you are looking for Vaccines, you can easily get them as per your demand.
  • Health Screenings: To meet your expectations, here you can expect trained pharmacists who carefully handle you.
  • Specialty Pharmacy: With this option, it is possible to treat chronic illness by helping patients in different states with utmost care.


You can find various vaccinations available from here.

Let’s have a look at some of them below.

  • RSV Vaccine: This is the vaccination for pregnant and adult people to protect from RSV.
  • Tdap Vaccine: For every 10 years, adults are in demand of Tdap boost that you can purchase from here.
  • Polio Vaccine: Paralysis that will cause infants can be prevented with polio vaccine.

Insurance & Savings

With good care, you just need to spend less and get a chance to earn more by approaching the pharmacy counter.

Insurance & Payments: You can see that most of the insurance plans are accepted as we mentioned earlier. Yes, the payments can be handled in-store or online smoothly.

Medicare Resource Center: Also, get preferred pharmacy pricing in most of the medicare centers.

Clinic Services

To handle healthcare requirements, the availability of certified healthcare providers will support you. 

If you are looking for a clinic appointment, then make sure to choose the appointment type as it is mandatory along with the location and date. Based on that, you can fix your appointment at the clinic.

Quality Services

To take care of your health with the utmost care, the licensed healthcare providers from Kroger will treat any type of illness patients suffer.

Here, you can explore medicare wellness visits, virtual care, physical screenings, ongoing care, and more with the support of clinic services.

Expect High-Quality Clinical Care

You can get the best quality clinical care from here and the clinicians will be visiting both the clinic and virtually at your convenience. Yes, it will help treat severe illness with full care.

Also, you can find various clinics functioning in 225 locations with certified healthcare providers.

Pharmacy Stores

The services you can expect from here are available on all days. Also, it will help get all care under a top.

My Prescriptions

By accessing this option, you can easily manage your prescriptions, manage for others, easy to refill them, have simple payment access, and find your order status.

In just a few seconds, you can easily enroll and move ahead to complete your payment as per prescription online.

Insurance & Savings

Kroger accepts all types of insurance plans and discount cards for prescriptions which makes online billing easy.

Clinical Services At Kroger Stores

Here clinical services come up with different services which you can have a look at below.

  • Patient Portal: This portal will help communicate with providers, easy access to test the results, manage the appointments, etc.
  • Insurance & Payments: You can easily pay your bill online and check with the accepted insurance plans along with the service price list.
  • Virtual Care: The best thing is you can get a video chat and get the best quality health care by just sitting at home.

Nutrition Services

You can also get different nutrition services that come up with the support of experts as you can make use of them.

  • Nutrition Insights: With this, you can easily review your OptUP score according to your shopping habits. Here, you can understand the healthier choices quickly.
  • Telenutrition Visits: You can connect with an expert who belongs to nutrition and make a video chat for coaching.
  • Dietary Lifestyles: Easy to choose your food according to your diet and change your lifestyle in a better way with the support of nutrition experts.

Find Registered Dietitian at Kroger Stores

Here you can find the registered dietitians who will be supportive to take care of handling the patients, help to take diet meals, and more.

Well, you will get an opportunity to make use of diabetes management that helps to provide ideas about recipes related to that. With the support of experts, you can get an idea of picking the right food to shop for as per your dietary needs.

Dietary Lifestyles

Here, you can expect a variety of diets along with the experts who belong to nutrition. Yes, they will be supportive in handling the eating style and help to reach your nutrition goals. Some of the diets you can pick like

Get a healthy lifestyle that helps to boost your immune system, improve mental wellness, and more.

Active Trials

It is said to be a critical one for trial sponsors that support exploring the best treatments. At the same time, such trials will help handle chronic illness and improve quality of life.  Basically, according to future treatment, the caring will be done.

So, for people who want to take part in this trial, then the eligibility will be determined.

With the support of medical professionals, patient care will be done. Yes, it will help see the effective solution.

Also, the proper encouragement will be given to patients as they can easily interact. 

Clinical Trials: When it comes to searching for clinical trials, you can pick from different locations.


So, people who want to understand in-depth about Kroger’s health and wellness services can check the above discussion.

It will be helpful for you to make your clinical treatments smoother way & change your lifestyle with the support of certified experts. 

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