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Kroger Survey for Customers

Having any problem participating in Kroger feedback survey?

Kindly share your problem in the comment section below.

To get started with Kroger customer feedback, follow the simple steps.

  • Visit [LATEST URL] or Access the old website – (Both the Website are Official)
  • Enter the necessary details (like., Date, Entry Time & Receipt ID) from your purchase receipt in the respective fields.
  • Once you entered these details, click on the “START” button to begin the survey.

Sometimes, you might get an error message like “Sorry, we are unable to continue the survey based on the information you provided. Please try again.”

In that case, you might have wrongly typed any of the details from the receipt.

Kindly recheck and enter the details correctly.

Be cautious and cross-check the details after you had entered it.

Once the survey id is validated, you have to answer a bunch of questions based on your recent visit to any Kroger retail store.

Feedback is supposed to be filled by choosing one of the options given.

When you are answering the questions one by one, the below progress bar will start to show the current complete percentage, as soon as it hits 100% the survey is complete.

To claim your reward, you have to enter your loyalty program card details.

Note : If you are filling out for sweepstakes then you are eligible even if you have not visited their stores and the restrictions are lifted off except that you have to live within United States.

KrogerFeedback Survey Rules

Before you participate in the customer survey program from Kroger.

It is mandatory to understand the survey rules before we get started with Krogerfeedback.

Here are the rules to be followed.

  1. Age should be 18 and above.
  2. Must be a resident of the United States.
  3. The purchase receipt should not be more than 7 days old.
  4. Your loyalty card number/ Any ID proofs.
  5. A reliable internet connection on your mobile/computer.

It is necessary to follow the below rules, else you might not be qualified to receive Kroger feedback 50 fuel points or digital coupon, or a gift card worth $5000 or ONE $100.

37 Comment on this post

  1. what the hell is going on with the FUEL POINTS. Has your website been captured. Return to the original 50 point program..or I can go to albertsons..and I spend $200 a week on groceries

  2. I have been trying to log on for 30 minutes it is very troubling.Does Kroger not want us to claim the fuel points? This is impossible, not worth it

  3. i have been doing the fuel point survey since i started shopping kroger. now kroger has decided it’s a great idea to play hide and seek with the fuel point survey. IGA here I come to shop for my groceries.

  4. They changed the fuel rewards point system and I’m having trouble getting into the program. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. That’s what I’ve been told. Help me get to the right setting.

  5. Like many others who are having the same problem…cannot access the customer survey to get the 50 fuel points. The sad thing is that seeing all the similar comments but none have gotten a reply. If you have stopped the program, just say so!

  6. The change of feedback survey is very painful to participate in.
    At one point , the survey wants to use my information to set up an account. I have had an account for over 13 years.

  7. Put the old site back, the new one doesn’t work
    Fuel points are a customer service for your shopping
    with your store. If you can at least offer the older version
    Or start over completely because this design is not pleasant to work with or thru to get fuel points

  8. Unable to post feedback on the “new and improved” website. Tried for almost an hour.
    There was no box to check if you do not have a survey code on your receipt! Very frustrating!
    Unable to post my points.

  9. I have attempted 3 times to enter my loyalty number, after completion of the entire survey, but keep seeing “unable to verify”. Have been completing surveys for years without problems. My loyalty number is unchanged—-425 799 69770 3.

  10. Very poor website now. You have messed it up l can’t even get it to do anything to start. Just bought $142.96 of groceries and can’t enter it for my rewards.

  11. Why can’t I get into he survey like I could before? It now says “can not connect to the server” . I have used this since we moved here 16 years ago??? I do a search and it tells me to activate or continue but no access to the survey.

  12. I have used the website for quite sometime but cannot get to it now. it will not let me start when i click on the start button 🙁

    1. THIS NEW FORMAT ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. I’VE tried 5 different prompts to get to it and can not. Your customers DESPISE IT. GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAR.

  13. Each week I spend anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes trying to get on the web site to do fuel points survey. Today I cannot get on line due to all the phony web sites under that URL web site. I now say stick your BULLSHIT WEB SITE where the sun don’t shine. I only shop there for fuel points , now there is no reason to shop there anymore due to no access to site and your outrageous food prices .

  14. I have participated in the Kroger survey for a long time but now impossible to find a way to enter. The savings in fuel is one of the reasons I continue to shop at Kroger. If not fixed I may consider other options.

    1. cant enter my numbers to get fuel points have not been able to since aug. 12 ha e been to the kroger store more tha once since than did not get any fuel points not happy about that!!!!! frank bierman

      1. could not finish servey too maney question to answer before i run out of time to enter my number to get my 50 fuel pts !!!!!!

  15. Can’t reach survey for fuel points. How come? Also, why isn’t the invitation to go online for more fuel points on all your register receipts.?

  16. I have participated in this customer satisfaction report before to receive 50 extra fuel points. Today 1/12/20 I cannot find the correct website to go into.
    I know what the page looks like for me to put in entry ID date and time I was in the store. Can’t find the correct website to go into. I type in
    and can’t get into a page for me to start the survey..

  17. to redeem for your 50 points is absolutely rediculous,not user friendly at all ,Kroger needs to take it off because it DOES NOT WORK!!@!!!!!!!!!!

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