Customer Survey

Just follow the below steps for participating in the online kroger feedback survey :

  • Open (It’s their official website)
  • Fill in date, entry time and receipt ID which you have ready already!
  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • If you get error message as “Sorry, we are unable to continue the survey based on information you provided. Please try again.” Then the receipt number is incorrect.

Note : If you are filling out for sweepstakes then you are eligible even if you have not visited their stores and the restrictions are lifted off except that you have to live within United States.

If you are successfully taken to the next screen then that is where you have to enter the Kroger feedback. Feedbacks are supposed to be filled by choosing on of the options given.

KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey – Online Steps :

There are few limitations to use the customer satisfaction feedback survey and let me list them out here :

1. Age 18+ because that’s what Kroger has mentioned in their website.

2. You must have visited one of their market place in less than a week

3. Keep the bill receipt ready as it is mandatory for them to know you were really there.

4. Your loyalty card number/ Any ID proofs.

5. Mobile/ Laptop with decent internet to fill the form online, available in Espanol as well.