Kroger Feedback Survey: 50 Free Bonus Fuel Points

Do you know that you can get FREE fuel points, $5000 gift cards, grocery cards, and digital points just by giving Krogerfeedback on their official website?

Yes, Have you recently visited Kroger in one of its Grocery, Pharmacy, or any of their marketplace? The only requirement you need to apply to this offer is you have to be above 18yrs.

Updated on 18-Aug-2019: Kroger had recently mentioned its customer about the recent update in their customer survey portal (

Latest Webpage is changed.
kroger feedback , krogerfeedback

Here’s your chance to know how everyone does that and a step-by-step guide on how to log in to and how to fill up the survey to get the free fuel points.

Note: Kroger has all rights to use the data you give in their feedback according to their privacy protection policy statement.

KrogerFeedback Customer Survey

It’s not hard for us to give feedback as this is the only way for Kroger to know the performance of their employee, their customer service, or any other issue that they need to resolve.

Genuine feedback helps a company to grow 10 times without any other requirements and that helps their stocks to reach the sky. So what do you get?

Good question, as the gratitude for improving their company by leaving legit Kroger feedback, they are willing to give in return a few amazing offers like Kroger plus card, 50 points for fuel, $5000 Kroger grocery gift card, $100 gift coupons, and the sweepstakes that you can win.

Preview of Kroger feedback survey Questions:

  1. Please enter the date and time in the bill receipt with its bill id on the screen
  2. Now click start to enter the survey
  3. Before answering if you are not comfortable with English, you can change your language from the bottom of the page.
  4. The next question will be about your favorite things at Kroger
  5. Rate your experience during your last visit based on the item prices, availability, and employee friendliness.
  6. Now tell me about your satisfaction. Are you satisfied with the store quality, cleanliness, stock items, and staff behavior?
  7. Kroger will ask more about their products in further questions like dairy products/fuels/pharmacy and more.
  8. Answer these questions based on their availability in the store.
  9. Don’t just fill these questions, these suggestions and reviews will be very helpful to improve their services for its customer.
  10. Also, do mention the products which are not available at the store.
  11. Final question is, How many times had you shopped at the store?
  12. Enter your email address, if you want to participate in future sweepstakes.
  13. Make sure you share your mail id, which you are using day-to-day activity, this is because they use it to share free gas points on your loyalty card.
  14. Don’t share any fake details with Kroger, because in the end, we won’t be able to get any offers from Kroger.
  15. Finally, you will be rewarded with your Kroger free fuel points.

Steps to follow the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Here are the simple steps to be followed when you want to participate in the Kroger feedback survey for customers.

The below steps are easy to follow.

  • Open (OLD) / (NEW)
  • Fill in the Date, Entry time, and Receipt ID on the respective field.
  • Once you had entered the above details from your purchase receipt. Click on the “START” button to start answering the questions.

Note: In case of any error messages, kindly contact us via comment option.

A most common error is “Sorry, we are unable to continue the survey based on the information you provided. Please try again.” Which means, the receipt number is incorrect.

When you are completing the survey a complete meter will be displayed below which shows you how much % of feedback is remaining.

Once you are at the end you will be asked to submit your “Customer ID” (OR) “Loyalty number” (Optional, this can be ignored).

Mention your name, address, and other information on the last page, and you’re done. You’ll get the free fuel points and register for sweepstakes. The results of sweepstakes are displayed on their official website you can have a look at them.

The FAQ on Feedback by Kroger:

How do Kroger fuel points work?

  • If you had won any fuel points, you get $1 off per gallon on your fuel purchase up to 35 gallons in the Kroger fuel program.
  • With each 100 fuel points, you can get $0.10 per gallon
  • You can add up to 1000 fuel points to your loyalty card.
  • Available on Kroger Turkey hill and shell stations.

How much I can save on 10 Gallon Fuel?

  • Make use of these benefits, if you used to fuel more quantity.
  • For 10 gallons, if you have 100 fuel points you can save a total of $1 on your bill

I forget to redeem fuel points from the previous month. Now want to redeem, How to do it?

  • There is one-month expiry for your fuel points
  • You can redeem your fuel points only on a few outlets like shell fuel stations and Kroger turkey hill
  • To redeem your fuel points, scan your plus card, enter your alternate-id to pump fuel, and choose to redeem the fuel discount.

Kroger owns Harris Teeter, HT Employees need to know about their employee portal that can be accessed only at by employees with username and password

How to Check Kroger Fuel points?

  • From you can manage all your account details from one dashboard.
  • Here, you can check how many points are available, redeemed, or earned with an expiry date
  • With the help of the Kroger mobile app, all this information is available the mobile app too.

How many fuel stations does Kroger have?

  • Over 1200+ fuel centers available with Kroger supermarket and 700+ convenience stores with fuel

If any of lowe’s employees need to connect with the HR lowes access portal, kindly visit the employee site.

Final Note:

If you are facing any problems with the survey, leave a comment below and we will try to give you a possible solution for it. In case you are looking for Kroger feedback customer care then check below:

1-800-576-43770   – working hours from 8 AM – 11 PM

Their customer care service is very friendly and they are the ones who will solve your issues instantly. You can also contact them via live chat options on the website.

81 thoughts on “Kroger Feedback Survey: 50 Free Bonus Fuel Points

  1. En la tienda nike de barceloneta Puerro Rico outlets los empleados JonathN Edwin y Amanda me ayudaron para onsegui lo adecuado para mi hijo estoy bien agradecido por el servicio

  2. On this past Saturday (02/01/20) I stopped at Kroger #325 in Beaumont TX to get gas where the price of regular was listed at $2.029 gallon and found all pumps with customers. Rather than wait I proceeded to Kroger #328 less than 5 miles away to obtain gas and found the price per gallon to be $2.119 per gallon. Would you explain to me why such a price difference when these two stores are less than 5 miles apart. I get my gas from Kroger approximately 95% of the time and now I wonder why one station charges more per gallon than the other. Which also leads me to wonder if grocery pricing is also different. To insure that this statement is accurate I purchased gas from both locations within 20 minutes to ensure that I had receipts to confirm the pricing. I would just like to know why?

  3. My receipt does not give me enough ID numbers to complete the fuel survey. I only have 4 sets out of 6.

  4. Your website is too hard to use. I have clicked on every option provided to pull up the screen that lets me enter my information, and I still haven’t found it. It used to be simpler, but for the last 3 weeks, it has gotten more complicated and I can’t enter my info. Make it more user friendly!!!!!

  5. on my last 2 trips to Kroger , my receipt did not have a i.d. # at the bottom . is this promotion still going on?

  6. I had no idea until today that you are only allowed to give feedback to the stores you frequent most often. I find that practice disturbing because you really don’t want to know how your stores are doing and if the treatment is the same in other neighborhood stores. My experience at the Tylersville Road store in the last two months have been challenging from bad produce to cashiers act as if I’m disturbing their chat time. I shop at Kroger and I go to the location that is convenient to me when I am out and should not be required to keep a list of which location is going to give me the best service or told because I don’t shop here enough I can’t tell you about the experience I had at that location good or bad. If you are going to decide when, where, and what location I can tell you about make sure you list that on the receipts that this is only for location where you live or shop the most at.

  7. You have the most jumbled up website I have ever seen. Need to just enter for fuel points and really have a hard time finding. I’m not the only one having this problem.

  8. I have tried multiple times to get to the page to enter the information to get fuel points. I have completed multiple customer surveys; my email is flooded with receipts and coupons I never use. What is the direct way to get to the page to enter the info to get the fuel points?

  9. Have not received an event number for survey on receipt the last four shopping trips. What is the process for receiving these numbers required for survey entry.

  10. I’ve tried several times to enter my feedback info but the site will not allow me to enter:
    Date : 10.29.2018
    Time: 09:16am
    Entry ID: 014-403-3-948-13-16
    I simply wanted to give a shout out to Mitzi who helped me out to my car and loaded my groceries and then went ahead and took the electric cart back into the store for me. I was very grateful.
    Apparently, you’ve had issues with folks being able to enter feedback info for awhile now, and the isdue is still unresolved.
    Perhaps you should remove the option on our receipts if this is no longer an option.
    Thank you

  11. This feedback is beyond the requested deadline of 7 days( that’s really tight!) but it is important that David be recognised for his outstanding service!
    At the RALPH’s store, 4251 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA, on July 18, 2018, I went in to buy their fried chicken as it was late and I was exhausted. DAVID, the young man, tending the Deli counter, noticed my disappointment at no chicken being available. He offered to cook some for me even though he was in the middle of the evening clean-up routine!! He was so thoughtful!! I told him what I wanted, and when I finished the rest of my shopping, he had it all ready for me!! Amazing customer service from DAVID!!!(Entry ID:703-472-435-298-6-441 from the receipt). You have an outstanding employee in David!
    I hope this makes it through the corporate maze to acknowledge his beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts!! Thank you David, for making my whole week!
    Anna M., RN

  12. Why is it that every cash register receipt from Kroger does not have feedback entry numbers, regardless of how much was spent. No one at the store seems to know the answer to this question or will even attempt to find out.

  13. I alway’s do the Dillon’s survey when my receipt has one but I have not had a survey the last few time’s I have shopped at Dillon’s! Did Dillon’s taker away our 50 point reward for being able to take the survey?If so Dillon’s you are really making me think about going to Walmart for all my need’s!
    I have alway’s been a Dillon’s shopper even when they cut the double coupon’s out of the saving’s for their customer! Now if they have in fact cut the survey’s for 50 reward point’s it really does not add up fast enough to be much help getting my fuel at your gas station’s thay was one thing that kept me a true Dillon’s shopper!
    The price’s keep getting raised so there is not much I can do but shop where my money goes the farthest!

  14. Why does a person have to enter the survey two or three times before the 50 points are credited to their account. I end up losing points every month because of this.

  15. Waste of time to do the survey, as always I have tried several times and if is not the card number is the time and date and even the I’d number it never works

  16. I filled out the survey but was not able to enter date, time and Entry ID#. How do you know who to give the 50 points of fuel? did I get them?

  17. The receipt shows the time as a 24 hour clock. The form to fill out uses the old fashioned 12 hour clock. Please correct the form to the 24 hour clock.

    Very curious to see what your reply is.

    Thank you

    • There are only numbers to fill 4 boxes on my Kroger receipt and i need 6, so can,t complete could this happenI,m a kK
      oger Plus customer customer

      I need to fill 6 boxes and only have numbers on my receipt to fill 4. How did this happen?


  18. Kroger must be selling our info to other places. Since doing the survey, my spam folder gets filled to capacity almost ever day. So much for privacy.

    • I have not been able to do a fuel survey? What is the problem? I don’t enter sweepstakes & that’s all that comes up. Help!!!

  19. To Cassie
    You state you save “at least 1.00 off a gallon of gas. $1.00 a gallon is the max you can get so your statement of “at least” is incorrect. I also use the gas rewards and have no problem reaching the site
    for the review. I’m sorry for those who do because it can be frustrating. So to those of you who are
    having a problem try typing it in a little slower.

  20. 09/05/18@5:12p.m. Kroger L400

    Having read the comments from previous customers discouraged my attempt to fill out the survey. On a positive note my time was well spent at Kroger’s! My cashier, Lilly and service clerk Ben were beyond professional in addition was their smiles and friendliness. I was amazed at the array of colors and coordinated placements of beyond what I consider a complete line of fresh produce items. In addition, having previously filled out an out-of- stock card, my item had been re-tagged and was in-stock! It’s wonderful to leave a store being highly satisfied!

  21. Kroger’s goal is to force you into buying their private label – private label yields almost double the profit margin… if you noticed, many national brands have been discontinued and replace with Kroger’s labled goods – some of which ain’t that great! The stores are nice stores, however and will do for most groceries. We just go to Walmart or Stater Brothers for the stuff we like that Kroger doesn’t stock. It adds additional stops to the shopping trip, but we usually find additional stuff at these other stores, so it all works out. Amazon fills the remaining gaps, as you noted. Works for us too!

  22. I always have trouble getting the survey form to come up to enter my info for the 50 free fuel points thanking you.

  23. I recently moved from NJ to VA. I loved my local grocery store Shoprite in NJ so I was very nervous to use another grocery store in VA. I went to Kroger in Midlothian at 14101 Midlothian Tpk. I ended spending 233.00 in groceries in which the bagger put into two cart. I told her that I would condense them so I could get my groceries to the car. She simply so “I will follow you out and bring your groceries to your car”. This has never happened to me…definitely not in I tried to offer her a tip and she kindly refused. I wanted to let someone know of this kind deed that JESSICA V. completed for me since there wasnt a survery on my receipt. It was a very nice gesture and made moving to VA and leaving all that I knew behind a little bit easier simply because Jessica decided to be kind and extra helpful to me. Thanks Jessica

  24. I agree with many of the preceding comments. I gave up on trying to find the fuel points survey. It appears that you only want to “snag” suckers to get more junk mail. That is not what I want. I would willingly complete the satisfaction (not much of that today!) survey for the 50 points IF I could find it. Otherwise, I don’t want emails, mail, or phone calls from Kroger.

  25. You need a cashier before 7 in the morning . You scram is hard to do if you have a lot of
    items like fruit and vegetable.

  26. I have been at Kroger for years. Usually have a good experience, today I went to a different Kroger since I was taking my granddaughter near her place. Worse experience, if I were not a regular customer I would probably not return to Kroger. Not only was the cashier making rude comments to my granddaughter but he was texting or playing on his phone after scanning each order. One of the supervisors came over to help him enter my check, he did not know how, while supervisor came over to show him how to, he pulled out his phone and went at it again. If he was having personal issues where he had to contact someone that is for break time. I realize this a different world since i worked in the retail world but there is no excuse for his behavior. I shop for 3 families including my own house hold and have never sent in a complaint. My Dacula location has great people working there so I guess never had to.

  27. What a disappointment! In the past I have occasionally completed the feedback survey without trouble and received the 50 extra fuel points. Today I remembered I could do this again to get the points. I cannot find the survey on line at

  28. Where is the survey as it was last week. This is rediculous. I would like to continue receiving my fuel points but this is not what I have been doing. I give up!

  29. I used to get to the sight easy. now it changed. I can’t find it anymore. this sucks .and my Kroger the employees are getting crabbier by the minute

  30. Onaug 8 18 08 the uscan person[Patrick) did afantastic job. with all the people all asking for help including me,he had such a wonderful attitude ireally appreciated very much. there is also susan at theother Uscan around aug 15 08 and james obrian also have been so kind and helpful it means alot! also mr.Dan the pharmacist ;I thank you so much, I’ve been going through alot,Iknow GOD is good all the time! and puts people like you all in my path. God Bless You All so,so much and Thank You, kim neubert

  31. I filled out a survey and have since been inundated with phone soliciations and they continue even when I tell them to remove me from their call list. shame on kroger

  32. why are there no cart returns spots close to the handicap parking? I either have to walk to the middle of the row or take the cart back inside the store. Usually handicap people do not do that and just leave the carts either in the parking spot or next to it. Glassford Hill store is terrible, at least the Frys on Willow Creek have cart return spots by the handicap parking. Today there were 3 carts left in handicap parking spots. Move the cart return storage there is plenty of room

  33. Then it’s your computer or you’re doing it wrong.. it works for everybody else.
    I’ve been filling out these surveys for years and saving hundreds in gas.
    Thanks Kroger!

    • Well then you haven’t done it in the past few weeks. I too have done this for years. Now, it sucks totally. I liked giving employees kudos for work done and the store rewarded them. Booo hisss

  34. I love them. I have no problems getting on to the site every time. We save at least $1.00 off a gallon every two weeks to month and fill two cars at time . Saves us $35 evry time we fill. That’s almost a a small car tank.

  35. What a disappointment! In the past I have occasionally completed the feedback survey without trouble and received the 50 extra fuel points. Today I remembered I could do this again to get the points. I cannot find the survey on line at I am led to pages that ask all sorts of questions on the survey and when you are finished there is nothing that even leads me to believe I answered questions about my shopping experience at Kroger today. What have you done to the site? Where is the site where you enter info from your receipt and are finished? Now I know why I haven’t done this in a long time. You make it sound so easy AND IT IS NOT OR IMPOSSIBLE! Needless to say, I am disappointed.

  36. I don’t want fuel points, I don’t want a sweepstakes, I don’t want a 50 page survey, I just want the products I want. I usually shop Kroger several times a week. I do not have a resent receipt. I do have my Kroger card. I just want the same good products I always used to get. why don’t you carry Scott paper products. I’ve always bought the paper towels. you no longer carry them why don’t you carry Walkers shortbread cookies anymore – I used to buy them. you’ve not even replaced them with something else – just gone. every time you cut a products you give me another reason not to shop Kroger. we have many choices – Meijer, fresh thyme, save a lot, Walmart, whole foods, plum market and others. I now buy many products from amazon that I used to get a Kroger – toothpaste, dental tape, dry cat food, and more that you no longer carry. I don’t shop amazon because its easier or cheaper. its because they have it and you don’t. I don’t care if you reply or not – i’m at my wits end with you guys.

    • Kroger’s goal is to force you into buying their private label – private label yields almost double the profit margin… if you noticed, many national brands have been discontinued and replace with Kroger’s labled goods – some of which ain’t that great! The stores are nice stores, however and will do for most groceries. We just go to Walmart or Stater Brothers for the stuff we like that Kroger doesn’t stock. It adds additional stops to the shopping trip, but we usually find additional stuff at these other stores, so it all works out. Amazon fills the remaining gaps, as you noted. Works for us too!

  37. What happened to the website where we could just enter information regarding our shopping at a Kroger Company Store. ?

    Recent changes in the store where I shop, and changes in the survey website, have resulted in my shopping at Dillons Stores much less. The fuel points are not an incentive as I can get fuel everyday 12 or more cents per gallon less that Kwik Shop prices without dealing with the hassle of going on line.

  38. This site does NOT respond to my entering numbers for date and time in order to begin. What a shame- scam for Kroger to list_numerous sites. This is the 3rd I am trying with no satisfaction. To publicize “TO EARN Fuel points” by going to a computer to enter the information on the shopping receipt when I shop for these fuel points. And get frustration 3 times over. Are you reading this Kroger?

    • While shopping at the Dillions store at 1216 N. Main in Newton, Kansas Friday night I was amazed at the dedication the young lady that checked me at the register. Her name is Willow. She had cart after cart full of groceries coming through her line but she didn’t miss a beat and was doing most of the sacking by herself too. Very pleasent and very efficient. I commend her for her good attitude and hard work.

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