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List of Kroger Family Stores 2024

Kroger is highly run in the format of a supermarket that comes up with a combination of drug and food stores. Well, these stores are mainly helpful in making a return by grabbing the customers’ attention.

Kroger was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger, and it operates around 2700 grocery retail stores under different banners and divisions in 35 states. According to, Kroger operates under various supermarkets, multi-department stores, warehouse stores and marketplace stores.

The Kroger Co. – Family Stores 2024

Let’s have a look at the Kroger Co. family of stores, which are included. 


In 2001, Kroger was merged with Baker’s, a supermarket chain mainly operating in the Omaha metro area.

Due to some financial issues, Fleming Kroger purchased Baker’s. Now, it has an annual revenue of more than $325,000,000.

Also, one can purchase food and drug products at affordable costs.

City Market:

City Market was acquired by Kroger in 1983 and currently operates with 38 stores. You will also get discounts and offers when you purchase it from this retail store.

Here, you can easily build your shopping list and purchase items online such as seafood, liquor, meat, bakery, pharmacy, frozen foods, and others, at reasonable prices.


Dillon was opened in 1890 as a general store delivering groceries directly to the customers and that’s how they began their next set of stores. The Kroger company mainly acquired Dillon companies in 1983 and started a nationwide grocery chain.

This could be the best supermarket chain to visit and purchase the groceries you want such as meats, bakery, frozen foods, snack food and more. 

Food 4 less:

By Lou Falley, Food 4 less was originally founded in the 1930s and the chain of stores has been started, and running in the form of supermarkets. However, in 1999, Kroger acquired Food 4 less and became the major grocery store to deliver various products to customers. Also, you can search for beauty products, cleaning supplies and other products at reasonable prices. 

Foods Co:

Foods Co, US retail chain was founded in 1977 and operating in California was acquired by Kroger in 1998.

When you are looking for premium food products, dry fruits, spices and more, then without going for a second thought, you can visit Foods Co without a second thought.

They are highly focused on delivering fresh quality food at a good price to the customers.

Fred Meyer:

Fred Meyer hypermarket is an American chain founded in 1922. In 1998, Kroger acquired Fred Meyer and started to promote it as one-stop shopping for customers.

You can find several stores across the US and anybody can purchase online and in-store. Here, the supermarket has been combined with clothing, home decor, garden, restaurant, sporting products, etc.


Fry’s marketplace is said to be a multi-departmental store that was merged with Kroger in 1983. It sells groceries and general merchandise, including electronics, living products, toys, etc.

In 1985, they also launched electronics that received huge support from customers.


Gerbes is the best place to purchase groceries, foods and more. Gerbes was founded in 1933 by Frank J. Gerbes. Later, Gerbes merged with Kroger in 1966 and operated four stores in Mid-Missouri.

When you are planning to purchase at budget, then Gerbes is the store you can visit and purchase as per convenience. 

Jay C Food Store:

Jay C Food Store, an American Supermarket was merged with Kroger in 1999. When it comes to quality, it is the best in the business. It was founded during the year of 1863. You will get enough fuel points, discounts, and more by completing your shopping. For sure, it will offer the best rewarding shopping experience.

King Soopers:

The supermarket chain in America started as its own brand. It was founded in 1947, and later, it was acquired by Kroger between the years 1982 to 1983.

If you are looking for fresh groceries and vegetables at an excellent price. Here, you can search for traditional and organic foods that come with high quality.


Mariano was founded by Bob Mariano during the year of 2010. However, due to his demise and bought by Kroger in 2015 for $800 for further growth. Mariano sells a wide range of briskets, liquor bars, chicken, juice, sweets, etc.

For its quality of service, there are a vast number of customers.

Metro Market:

The company was reincorporated in the year 1902. In 2015, Kroger co and Roundy’s Inc made a merger deal that is the combination of 2774 supermarkets across 35 states.

Now, it has become the fastest growing chain with so much revenue that the stores are making it.

Pay less super markets:

Payless was founded in 1947 and acquired by Kroger in 1999.

It continues to operate the Pay less banner under the central division.

You can approach this amazing supermarket For fresh vegetables and groceries to purchase with an easy payment option.

Pick’n Save:

Pick’n Save was founded in the year of 1950 by William Zimmerman. However, due to financial issues, many stores were closed during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Later, Kroger acquired it in 2015.

Now, Pick’n Save store is highly known for delivering the supermarket groceries at good prices and offering discount offers.


QFC was founded in the year of 1955. However, during the mid 1990s, many stores were sold to Ralphs and later sold to Kroger. This supermarket is known by the customers for its amazing products delivered to them.

Regarding quality, this grocery chain is one of the best for sure.


Ralphs was founded in the year 1873 and with 185 stores in different locations. In the 20th century, it has become a grocery pioneer and offered various self service markets to visit.

In 1998, the company was acquired by Kroger. The Ralphs store was launched in the name of fresh for everyone, as it indicated the fresh products to purchase from here.


This warehouse store was launched during the year of 1998. Well, the company is operated in different locations. Later it was a part of JayC food stores and then purchased by Kroger during the year of 1999.

Now, the store has become the best for its quality service delivering to the customer. As of the year 2019, around 50 stores have been increased.

Smith’s food and drug:

The company was founded in 1911. Well, the growth was better during the year between 1946 to 1958. Well, for different reasons, Kroger acquired this company in 1998.

The products being sold here are branded and the customers are looking forward to purchasing due to its best quality.


The Kroger family of companies operates in the format of supermarkets, warehouses, multi -store departments and others. Under Kroger, we can see that several companies have been merged in different years and currently operate in various states.

Also, the discussion on above-mentioned companies will help understand them, and you can go ahead and purchase at discount offers, less price and quality

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